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What Love Isn’t takes a journey through the “ugly truths” and not so pleasant conversations about love. We discuss various topics and issues in the world of love as we know it today. Our events are diverse with different relationship statuses and preferences. There is no topic we don’t touch, and no one leaves confused or unsatisfied. We create a relaxed and joyful environment, welcoming all. We enjoy having adult conversations and always promise to keep our feelings aside. The ultimate goal you ask? To make the joy of love return one relationship at a time.

Christina Jones - Founder & CEO

"After being a single woman in this modern era of dating, I experienced first-hand what it means to love and have love loss. After overcoming my own obstacles with learning What Love Is, through growth and maturity, I decided to share this journey with others, while continuing to learn from their happiness and heartache. I created this platform because I noticed there was a need, for men and women alike to express themselves, hear and be heard. Because through it all, there's no greater force than Love. Through powerful and riveting discussion and open dialect, we at "What Love Isn't" hope to restore the greatest gift on earth, the act of loving and being loved."

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